Skybox / Openbox s11 HD PVR — китайские новинки

Автор: Спутник Янв 21, 2012

Skybox s11 hd pvr specification:
— One slot for Smart Card
— Support of SD/HD(MPEG2/MPEG4 H.264),DVB-S,DVB-S2 system
— High resolution video output-HDMI
— Standard resolution video output-SCART
— Supported video resolutions-576p,720p,1080i
— Front panel display-LED 4 digit
— Software update by USB,RS-232C
— 12V out for connecting external devices
— Lan connector (Ethernet)
— USB connector compliant with USB 2.0 standard
— Low power consumption in Stand-by mode,below 1W
— Automatic Stand-By mode after 3 hours from last using receiver for power saving
— Compatible with Diseqc 1.0,1.1,1.2 and USALS
— Electronic Program Guide-EPG
— Multilngual Menu, including English
— Time Shift (video pausing,rewinding)
— PVR Ready-possibility to record on external USB drive
— Blind Scan supported
— Parental Lock for channels and Menu
— Possiility to save up to 5000 channels(TV and Radio)
— Fast channels switching
— Possibility of creating own channels lists
— Possibility of creating Favourite Lists
— Sort/Group/Channels search options
— Channel Editing features-Remove,Lock,Skip,Move,Rename
— Subtitle support-Teletext and DVB
— Teletext support
— Tool to convert files for playback on your computer
— Build-in Dolby Digital decoder(downmix to stereo)
— Channels Editor

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